You choose your best fit.

Everyone has a different perception of life. For some, life is a canvas which is meant to be filled with the hues of moments and smiles. For some, it is a race where everyone strives to be the best.

I look at life as a jigsaw puzzle, where relations and people are the pieces which come together to create the complete picture. But fortunately or unfortunately, not all pieces are meant to be the part of the picture. Does that make those bonds and people a misfit in the puzzle of life? Ofcourse not.

Life is full of surprises. Surprises in the form of makeups and breakups, meeting and parting ways. The time and need together, play their roles to decide one’s stay. There might be certain situations where one might feel detached from the crowd, but that doesn’t make one a misfit.

Give yourself the time to discover the different flavours of togetherness, the different sides of relations. Find your right place where the heart connects stronger than your brain. Where loyalty serves more than the needs.

The day you learn from all the goods and bads, from all the rights and wrong and accept the fact that not everyone is meant to stay the way the you expect them to be, you will fit in every picture of life. 

Always remember that you are a unique piece, without which the picture might never be complete. The pieces meant to connect will find their way to you, no matter what day, what time.
#Live #Love #Life ❤