A memory… A wish!

Cradling in his arms relishing the sweet smile,

The innocent eyes gleaming at the world with surprise.

The little hands holding the fingers as if to console,

But the tears were of happiness unknown to his little girl.

Her mind was tender but felt what was love,

Wished these hands would never desert her.

Holding her hands he walked her little steps,

Wounds on her f​eet tears in his eyes instead.

She found her real hero always standing by her side,

But days pass and people change with time.

Hours of happiness slipped like sand,

The arms of care turned to chains of regrets.

Doors closed and gripped her flight,

Her dreams started to prick his eyes.

The reason of her life changed to sorrow in a blow,

Solitude started to suit her soul.

Craving for the love that once she had,

Knowing that the hero would never return back.

Hoping for the harsh words to change some day,

She moved back into her old shack, living down the memory lane!



The life by the roadside.

I saw him again, standing by the roadside. Today he was wearing a yellow T-shirt which was torn at the sleeves. As soon as the traffic light turned from green to red he started running towards the first car which caught his eyes. It was a white car waiting ahead of me. By quick wipes with his orange handkerchief, he started to clean the windsheild of the already shining car.

The driver tried to tell him not to jump around with his dusty cloth but he was adamant. I knew that very soon he would start knocking at the glass of the driver’s seat. As usual the driver lowered the window and put some coins in his muddy hands. Now he came to me. Breaking the tradition I lowered the window and offered him a packet of biscuits. It is a hard task to say no to an innocent face but I did not want him to make begging his means of living. “Thanku”, he said with a smile (he remembered what I taught him a few days ago… Victory?) and ran to his other mates to share his share of earning with them.

People often give alms to these little children by the roadside thinking that they are helping them. Is it the correct way to offer a helping hand to a child? By giving a few coins which sooner or later would be snatched away from their tiny hands which are not made to wipe cars and beg for food?

Some of you might get offended for being discouraged for the act of kindness but have you looked at it from this point that what if some day you fail to cross that street where you offer a penny or two to that little man. Who might be waiting with his gleaming eyes looking for you to be the source of his piece of bread. Have you wondered who would feed him that day?

I guess we fail to comprehend the right means of being kind and helpful to the people with hard luck. By offering them alms might bring a day’s bread to their hands but they start depending on us for everything they need. Their generations too, grow up looking at the vehicles like ATM or banks moving on the roads. 

Life by the roadside is tough and it is nobody’s fault if someone had to live it that way but by extending our hands which instead of pulling them up, pushes them into deeper darkness is close to a crime. If someone wants to be a real source of light to them, then do something that would make them independent. Teach them how to earn the living with hardwork and respect and not by offering them everything the easy way.

Instead of offering money to the children help them to read a word or two. If the money was supposed to feed them then offer them food with a smile and see how they rejoice. If you really want to make a difference then make sure it is a permanent one which does good to them. It is better to offer nothing than to give false hopes to the people who already know the harsh reality of the life by the roadside.



Lets paint the town red.

Line 1 : Mubaraq ho! (Congrats!)

Line 2 : Selection ho gaya na? (You got selected! Right?)

Line 1 : Haan bhai… (Yes bro…)

Line 2 : Mujhe toh pta hi tha! (I always knew you would make it!)

After a little blabbering on the phone the excitement of getting placed turned into doldrums of satisfaction and the lines disconnected.

Funny how it seems that someone else’s acheivement could bring you to the extreme verge of bliss and happiness. I felt like dancing in heavens.

I don’t know about the bollywood cheesy line ‘chout wahan lagi hai… Dard yahan hua hai!’ (Feeling the pain of someone else’s wound) but the joy of rejoicing in your own people’s success is beyond words.

Lately I have realized that it is not always about ourselves. Sometimes you feel blessed to have worked hard over excelling others. Sometimes its about the unsaid but deeply felt ‘thankyou’ in other’s voice. 

Knowingly or unknowingly we become a part of so many smiles and tears that we start to see ourselves as the part of the globe trot which once was meant to be circuited alone. Lucky are the ones who find the true mate to share their sorrows and celebrate the good days. And trust me, I am not letting you go. Ever! 

I am always going to believe in you, motivate you, encourage you and drill you untill you get what you truly are meant for. Because sometimes my happiness lies within your dreams. <3​

#celebrations_at_your_door! 😀