A memory… A wish!

Cradling in his arms relishing the sweet smile,

The innocent eyes gleaming at the world with surprise.

The little hands holding the fingers as if to console,

But the tears were of happiness unknown to his little girl.

Her mind was tender but felt what was love,

Wished these hands would never desert her.

Holding her hands he walked her little steps,

Wounds on her f​eet tears in his eyes instead.

She found her real hero always standing by her side,

But days pass and people change with time.

Hours of happiness slipped like sand,

The arms of care turned to chains of regrets.

Doors closed and gripped her flight,

Her dreams started to prick his eyes.

The reason of her life changed to sorrow in a blow,

Solitude started to suit her soul.

Craving for the love that once she had,

Knowing that the hero would never return back.

Hoping for the harsh words to change some day,

She moved back into her old shack, living down the memory lane!