2# Lettr

Dear Soon-to-be-a-Stranger,

Counting the days? I am though. It feels terrible to accept the fact that within a handful of months we would be drifted apart. No monday mornings together in those dusty but always loved lecture theatres. No more dialing-up your number just to confirm that we are on the same page of the syllabus. No more of the heated discussions about the latest series we used to follow. No more fights over the calls and that full fledge torture of not talking for days in one go. Well it might be a relief? Or a major missing!

I still remember how we met as strangers during the freshmen year and slowly became the best of the buddies. The four years of togetherness was both bitter and sweet. But now as we are done with the side A of the cassete I really wish that the other side is as melodious as the previous one. 

We will not be in constant touch may be. Everyday messages might change into formal greetings. The best of the buddies might get back to being strangers once again. And those dependabilities might vanish.

But before that day comes I just want you to know that distance in places can never make you distant from my heart. The memories are etched forever. I have always wished the best of everything for you and this will stay the same. May you meet people who never make your feet turn back and similes and success always await you.

With love. Always. :*