Saying the unsaid.

I met her during the first year of my college. It was my first lecture of Professional Communication and the class was waiting for a new face to introduce us to this fresh subject. After a few minutes the teacher entered the room.

A cute chubby face with a broad smile like a cherry on the cake greeted the class a warm morning. The session went quite well and everyone was relaxed for a change rather than being stressed. The first interaction with her was so good that I longed to sit for the next class.

From being a teacher she became my mentor and guide. The relation started to evolve with time. The formality changed into being friends at times.

She is a keen listener and has a motherly understanding. Always there with a helping hand.Pouring out one’s heart out to her comes naturally because she has such a welcoming nature.

She has a great influence on me. A part of my goodness in me is all because of her. A teacher, a guide, a mother, a friend! She has been everything to me when I wanted. Now we have less of meetings and greetings and no serious doing-the-best-thing sessions (which I surely miss) but that could not make any difference in the bond we share.

On her special day I would like to wish her the best of everything. May the lovely smile never leave that ever young face. Thank you for being there always. ❤

#Happy_birthday_mam! :*

        (One of the best I have *_*)