Echo of goodness.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! But officer you cannot put me behind the bars just like that. I want to see my warrant first.”, Santa said with a snob face.”We are not doing this Santa. Not this time. We saw you breaking the traffic rules. Your reindeers ran like jets. No escaping!”, officer said with full determination.

“Wowhoo! You got to hold it there pal. The girl in your neighborhood? Remember her sweet face?”, Santa said to the officer pointing right to his face.

“Yes, that sweet face wanted her doll badly and I am not heartless like you to make her cry. Had to reach there any how. Please let me free!”, he begged.

“You will have to serve your time for breaking the rules. And stop smoking now.”, the officer was adamant.

After two hours the officer came to check on the prisoner. To his surprise he found a note and a little packing on the bech. He looked for Santa in every corner but he was no where to be found.

The officer opened the lockup and read the note : “Dear friend, I could not spoil that little girl’s day. My sledge came to pick me from the window. You should make it a little wider as I could not fit in easily. You can bring me back from her house after a while if it pleases you. By the way your gift is right infront of you. Merry Christmas!”

Shoving the note in his jacket with a broad smile on his face the officer left the lockup with “The best cop” badge on his chest.


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