Autumn shrouds.

It was a spring with clear skies; Hues all around.

The sun was warm; Happiness bound.

It was mystic, it was magic; The heart would pound.

The glow was automatic; No reasons announced.

But season changed; The unpleasant skies down.

Leaves changed color; Yellow came unannounced.

The eyes lingered; Solace unfound.

But now I am settled for the best; Hopes on the ground.


Living in a trance.

Yesterday India celebrated it’s 68th Republic Day. Republic means ‘the supreme power in the hands of people’. With that India becomes a country where every citizen is granted freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of right action, freedom of choice, etc. But why don’t I feel this word when it is spoken aloud in gatherings or even in my silent mind? Even after 68 years of hoarding it’s open mindedness among the changing and developing countries, India has failed to clear the filter of gender discrimination.

There still exist certain scetions in society where a girl might be considered blessed if she is allowed to live. Education for a girl child at times is at far end. And if with change of luck education touches the air, she is still denied the choice of being independent.

Why are we still asked to watch our talk? Why is our attire always an exclamation mark for the society? Why do we have to bend infront of the special bounds imposed to us only? Why don’t we get the equality that is still a dream?

Celebrating the Republic Day with bilnd eyes is no clebration. Living in a trance and expecting the nation to grow is a day dream! 

A note to life.


Dear Zindagi,

No I am not writing you the film’s review. But a review on what our story has been since the past 21 1/2 years. It is a long one so read it with patience (just like I have been with you).
The time has been nothing but full of odds. And I had hated you for all that every single day. Why did you have to be so unfair? Mom used to say it’s just a test to deserve a better tomorrow but I never see it coming. You always brought things which were out of syllabus and I am sure you have more of it, so no better tomorrow for me? Happier one? A little may be!

I used to complain a lot about you being so heartless and biased at times. But lately it has changed. I have started to accept you the way you are. I mean, one of us has to be understanding and you, my mate, are not ready to take the step so let me be the initiator of simple acquaintance. So what has changed between me and you in the past few years is my perception towards what you do to me. Good or bad we are together in this. It would be wrong to blame you alone in a team’s play! Right? I am not giving up on making you good.

Keep throwing stones and see how I make bridges out of them. One day you’ll have to play the good part too my friend, and I hope it comes soon.

Yours forever.


Time after time

Sometimes you picture me
I’m walking too far ahead
You’re calling to me, I can’t hear
What you’ve said
Then you say, go slow
I fall behind,
The second hand unwinds.

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time
The cover of this song by Boyce Avenue ❤ is just awesome. Check it here. 🙂

Blogger Recognition Award


Thanks a ton Varun. 😀 I am used to finding your likes on my blog posts but seeing the first comment, that too nominating me for the Bloggers Recognition Award, that was huge! Being new to this blogging tillage I had zero clue about such kind of appreciation. The first thing that hit me was ‘Did I just get something like the black lady actors receive?’ but after a little googling I was so happy happy! Thank you for recognizing my little attempts. ^.^

Coming to your work. I am a fan. A follower of your blog. And who ever reads this piece of thanks, buddy you gotta check My Art & Me.

This is a site where a person can pour out their heart. And still be an artist as well as an ordinary spectator. From prose to poetry to photography to paintings. Just sketching to doodling to gibberish to anything is an art, if done with a complete heart. I hope to express myself in all kinds of emotions.” – What the blog says.

How I came across the idea of blogging?

I like to write poems and stories and stuff that speaks my mind. My friends always appreciated my work and one fine day I was asked to give my writing a larger audience After giving a forethought WordPress clicked and here I am, trying to connect with the lovely readers on this great platform.


Things I find useful for Blogs:

  1. Be regular: A consistent work is more likely to get followed. Try to participate in various prompts and opportunities you get to write upon, to share your thoughts.
  2. Tagging the Blogs: This helps you to reach to similar likes and interests among people and helps to build your circle.


My Nominees:  Here are some great blogs I found while discovering the talents at WordPress.

  3. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Be your own light.

What was the last time you felt unseemly or horrid or awful? Not from the outside but from inside. When your inner self denied to stay at peace? I am sure a bad hair day could never bring such strong feelings to you. 

The world is a mix of people. Some with good intellect while others who could make you feel worse. Treat you like you have some mental issues. Curbing your dreams and aspirations all together into their narrow minds.

Usually they won’t get the thoughts and anxiety, to overcome that not so happening life of yours. You might look for hope in them but then my friend its only you who can be the torch bearer to make a way through that closing maze.​

Views and opinions can be tormenting at times but nothing can overpower you untill you allow it.

Take control and give it a shot. Sucker punch your dooming self! Shut your ears to every word that lets you drown. Rise and shine and see how those eyes become blind.

#ToMy2AMbuddy. :*



“Do you know what it’s like to live forever? I wish I could know!”, she said extolling the full moon.

“Fall in love with a writer and you’ll know.”, he said drafting her glaze on the papers. ❤

Take that ride!

Remember the last time you sat on that giant track of ups and downs? The rollercoaster, yeah you got me right!

It feels thrilling when the daring buddy goes up the mountain. Right? And when it comes down? Scares the hell out of the butterflies that were there inside the floating stomach a few seconds ago!

We love them both, the feelings of being at highs or lows. Don’t we? So why to step back when we get hold of the rollercoaster of our lives? Welcome all that comes your way with open hands because the ride is going to be exquisite, no matter what! 😉

You need to brush it off to see the ‘unseen’.

I know you have been feeling tormented and baffled by what every end is leading to. Feeling like the time is not ready to pass. Living in that street with those memories, replaying all of them over and over again just to find your lost peace.

That’s what eating you inside out, every day and every passing minute. But that’s not how it was supposed to be right? Searching for comfort in somethig that has lost its existence long time back will only lead to losing your own self.

Don’t cage yourself in the past. Let the old times not be the reason for a  regretful future, that still is capable of being the best you had ever wished for.Follow you dreams with a clear vision, because you need to brush it off to see the ‘unseen‘.​