Dear Never-met friend,

It feels strange to adress you like this, because it never feels like we haven’t ever met. ‘Technology brings the world closer.’ and the saying proved so appt in our case. It has always been about those un-nmbered messages, our going bananas over crazy music,  and pouring out the ebbs and flows of the times we went through, in different zones.

The hesitation to disclose the smallest things changed to non-stop blabbering. Mere formalites changed to humiliating insults. And the strangers became the best of the buddies in a short span of time.

Was it our liking for being foodies or the love for the dancing beats? Or may be the talent at being the weirdest, lazy people! I really don’t know how it made sense. But I guess I connect with you just like I do with the people whom I have met in flesh and bone. And at times it is better!

You have always kept my back. Believed in me like no one else. Gave ears to my complaints when the world seemed shut. Stayed with me inspite of the distance. I owe you heavens mate. Thanks a ton! From the bottom of my heart.

It was my theory that if the hearts connect, distance or meetings hardly matter. And it still holds the same strong ground. But lately I have felt the need to meet you. May be someday! When wishes come true?

So, today I wish upon those best things we talked about. Your sorrows and my grief, your desires and my dreams. That one day I would see you right infront of me. May be over a cup of coffee or tea! ❤

With loads of love,

Yours truly. :*



  1. Subbashini Meenakshi Sundaram · January 15, 2017

    Beautiful writing

    Liked by 1 person

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