Living in a trance.

Yesterday India celebrated it’s 68th Republic Day. Republic means ‘the supreme power in the hands of people’. With that India becomes a country where every citizen is granted freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of right action, freedom of choice, etc. But why don’t I feel this word when it is spoken aloud in gatherings or even in my silent mind? Even after 68 years of hoarding it’s open mindedness among the changing and developing countries, India has failed to clear the filter of gender discrimination.

There still exist certain scetions in society where a girl might be considered blessed if she is allowed to live. Education for a girl child at times is at far end. And if with change of luck education touches the air, she is still denied the choice of being independent.

Why are we still asked to watch our talk? Why is our attire always an exclamation mark for the society? Why do we have to bend infront of the special bounds imposed to us only? Why don’t we get the equality that is still a dream?

Celebrating the Republic Day with bilnd eyes is no clebration. Living in a trance and expecting the nation to grow is a day dream! 


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  1. Ashutosh Gursale · January 28, 2017

    What a deep thought, it’s true though. We cannot change our situation with only talks and dreams, we have to start the change. We have to be it, being the next generation!

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