Way past the blurred lines.

As I look at the years that have passed at sometimes casual and more often at a brutal pace the picture seems unclear. I hardly remember what life has been lately. And I know I am not alone in this. People usually see blur lines when they don’t have happy endings or closure to the situations. But lucky are the ones who have permanent people with them. The ones who make solid marks among those hazy shades.

Today when I was asked ‘How have you been?’ and was told ‘I miss you!’ it brought back that old smile. That old togetherness. That joy, which I guess I too was missing. Mutual feelings?

I don’t know what to say. I am not the one who opens up. Times have changed drastically! In an unexpected way. But then I have learnt to get things together. And now I have decided to pay very little heed to all these things. I know I cannot escape them totally but I have decided to smile all through the hell. Time and again you all have been my support. The reasons for my smile. And I mean that. Right from the bottom of my heart. 😊
It’s on rarest of the rarest occasions that I say all this and today is one of them since you plucked those strings. You people are my life. No matter how far we stay I am not letting you people go. Thank you for being the unconditional care takers, you all have been like pillars whether I had asked for it or not.
My constants! My forevers. ❤


P.S – Don’t start soaring the limitless sky!   Love you all loads.


The sound of respite.

Did I hear some shattering? I guess I did. But when I looked around, you were smiling bright. How do you do that? I mean your pretty self. How do you make up for all that breaks you every single moment?

Everyone is fighting their own unseen but strongly felt battles. Sometimes it’s about the never ending wait for happiness. Sometimes it’s against our hopes. Sometimes it’s about holding onto the bygones and other times it’s about the urge to forget them all.

I know you’ll never say it out loud because no one has the cure for putting an end to it. But hey little fighter, you are not alone in this. Remember, time can heal the worst wounds.

Don’t let the burden of past spoil your future. Believe in your dreams and chase them with more vigor. Let the sound of your battles echo the sky. Because when they will resound the world will hear drums of your victory! :)))


The Curator of Expectations.

And who can deny the words of the magician of romance and tragedy? Today, my week-long delayed post is dedicated to all the single pals who blame expectations for their not so happening 14th Feb. :p

So? Where to start from? Yes it was like a fairy tale. Everything so elate and soulful. But then that bubble of happiness plops. What happened? Expectations happened!

‘She could never be what I wanted!’ Or ‘He was way too scared to commit to my dreams.’ The list of complaints which grows much longer with expectations is never ending.

You say that you don’t know how it ended up being in all mess but then my friend it began when you started to see things with one sided perception, from your side only. Imagine the scenario if you had never put ‘terms & conditions’ to your love. If you had given it away without the fear of loss! If you had never judged? If you had not been the curator of expectaions! The view is pretty mesmerising I know. :))) 

So the trick is actually quite simple. You have no right. Yeah you read that correctly! No right to expect your happiness from others. The only person you should look upto with hopes of good or bad is you yourself. Think twice before falling for anything because then there is no room for ‘being self centered’. Then being selfless is the only way to drive things as you want. ❤

Spread the joy. ^_^

craft these words to speak my mind.

To tell the stories buried deep inside.

To part with sorrows that were never kind.

To find the missing peace hidden in demise.

To dance out the feelings in words with time.

To drug the hearts that read them, with love and life! ❤

Unwavering Goodbyes

Waiting Wide Desktop Background

People meet you for a reason, for a season or for life time!

It’s always those unexpected meetings or conversations that can be overwhelming, both good and bad. I know right? I mean just after a casual exchange of the random thoughts it clicks that they all connect. And as the list grows you are smiling wide throughout, enjoying the weirdest said and unsaid.

Since the beginning of the ride, the endings were well known. For neither the bad things stay forever nor the best moments last a life time. And then those smiles have to vanish. The connections lost! The happy time passes and goodbyes knock at the doors? How I wish I never had to answer that. How I wish the road had never ended. But then I don’t stay in heaven right? :p


Lately I have realized that attachments don’t need ages to develop, it’s about the moment which brings your heart immense joy. The moments that turn you loquacious and expressive. The moments that are ‘forevers’ in your scribbles of a lifetime.

P.S – This is no post-breakup cry! (LOL!!) Just a random thought that if we could put a hold on the good times it would be a bliss. 😀 To live a little more, to laugh a little harder. Who knows it was the last best thing we were hearing! ❤


#To_the_two_days_which_were_no_less_than_a_blast? ^_^

Building the wall 

It hurts I know. Every time you are played like the Jack in the pack of cards? A little less valued. Being taken for granted.

Mean right? But then you own a very sensitive thing preserved by your ribs within your chest. It beats unconditionally for wrong things and ends up getting trampled by those whom you call mean.

And then it begins! You start to build a strong wall around yourself to keep away from your own feelings. Slowly distance grows and the unconditional thing stops beating it’s usual self.

In the process of trying to resist the emotional flood we unknowingly immolate our own self, brick by brick! But if truth be told, even the strongest of the buildings fall when winds hit at right places, and we are talking about the sensitive throbber here. Up till when do you expect to stay so strong?

That wall is meant to crack and then fall one day for good because you cannot resist being a gem even if they are all mean and same.