Building the wall 

It hurts I know. Every time you are played like the Jack in the pack of cards? A little less valued. Being taken for granted.

Mean right? But then you own a very sensitive thing preserved by your ribs within your chest. It beats unconditionally for wrong things and ends up getting trampled by those whom you call mean.

And then it begins! You start to build a strong wall around yourself to keep away from your own feelings. Slowly distance grows and the unconditional thing stops beating it’s usual self.

In the process of trying to resist the emotional flood we unknowingly immolate our own self, brick by brick! But if truth be told, even the strongest of the buildings fall when winds hit at right places, and we are talking about the sensitive throbber here. Up till when do you expect to stay so strong?

That wall is meant to crack and then fall one day for good because you cannot resist being a gem even if they are all mean and same. 



  1. Alfahadeen · February 1, 2017

    Love the quote and thr connection in your write-up.


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