Unwavering Goodbyes

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People meet you for a reason, for a season or for life time!

It’s always those unexpected meetings or conversations that can be overwhelming, both good and bad. I know right? I mean just after a casual exchange of the random thoughts it clicks that they all connect. And as the list grows you are smiling wide throughout, enjoying the weirdest said and unsaid.

Since the beginning of the ride, the endings were well known. For neither the bad things stay forever nor the best moments last a life time. And then those smiles have to vanish. The connections lost! The happy time passes and goodbyes knock at the doors? How I wish I never had to answer that. How I wish the road had never ended. But then I don’t stay in heaven right? :p


Lately I have realized that attachments don’t need ages to develop, it’s about the moment which brings your heart immense joy. The moments that turn you loquacious and expressive. The moments that are ‘forevers’ in your scribbles of a lifetime.

P.S – This is no post-breakup cry! (LOL!!) Just a random thought that if we could put a hold on the good times it would be a bliss. 😀 To live a little more, to laugh a little harder. Who knows it was the last best thing we were hearing! ❤


#To_the_two_days_which_were_no_less_than_a_blast? ^_^



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  2. stellarinfinity · February 9, 2017

    What you wrote is so true…… It hurts so much to know that one day I’ll have to say goodbye….

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    • Akanksha Gahalout · February 9, 2017

      But then life goes on right? 😀 And somethings have to end to start afresh! It’s all a part of the journey. :))

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      • stellarinfinity · February 9, 2017

        I guess you’re right…..😊 a ending means a new beginning…..❤

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  3. shivashishspeaks · February 11, 2017


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  4. Akansha Sharma · February 19, 2017

    I admire you ♡♡

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