The Curator of Expectations.

And who can deny the words of the magician of romance and tragedy? Today, my week-long delayed post is dedicated to all the single pals who blame expectations for their not so happening 14th Feb. :p

So? Where to start from? Yes it was like a fairy tale. Everything so elate and soulful. But then that bubble of happiness plops. What happened? Expectations happened!

‘She could never be what I wanted!’ Or ‘He was way too scared to commit to my dreams.’ The list of complaints which grows much longer with expectations is never ending.

You say that you don’t know how it ended up being in all mess but then my friend it began when you started to see things with one sided perception, from your side only. Imagine the scenario if you had never put ‘terms & conditions’ to your love. If you had given it away without the fear of loss! If you had never judged? If you had not been the curator of expectaions! The view is pretty mesmerising I know. :))) 

So the trick is actually quite simple. You have no right. Yeah you read that correctly! No right to expect your happiness from others. The only person you should look upto with hopes of good or bad is you yourself. Think twice before falling for anything because then there is no room for ‘being self centered’. Then being selfless is the only way to drive things as you want. ❤



  1. Vishruti · June 16, 2017

    Very rightly said .
    Even I wrote something very similar with the title Expectations. Do check it out on

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  2. Vishruti · June 17, 2017

    Thanks alot 🙂


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