#Lettr 4

Dear 21st Century,

In a world tied with notifications and pings, the butterflies in the stomach still cringe more on hearing “You have a post!” ❤

Your experienced

Grandma. :))



Finally got to be where the soul feels loved.

Where the skies glow bright, where the shores don’t bluff.

The eyes had cried, cried from dawn to dusk.

Now rains find the same and instil them with trust.

The mind knows that this will walk away, and all will be in dust.

Illusions you call them? But sometimes they are enough!


“I don’t even remember.”

But how could you not? It’s 3 A.M and the question dosen’t leave my mind. Why does it bother me so much when you can always walk so normal like nothing ever happened? Why do the neurons in my head spiral all day, all night wondering if the promises of eternity were nothing but ungranted wishes?

You say I never spoke but I feel that you never had ears for me. Have you ever tried to know how did I know your every next thought even before it occurred to you? Your eyes were enough. Every time! You would cry, you would laugh, you would crack the lamest jokes and at times talked bitter too and I made notes like  they were a part of the syllabus. And all you have is “I don’t even remember.”

Maybe it was so foolish of me to expect so much from someone who could not commit to his own life. <\3 But I will still turn the pages now and again just to know that you stay within them for as long as I read. Because sometimes there is peace in the circles of the heartbreaks that are ensured. 

*Thoughts, as the main character of the book signs off from the story. Closing the book!*

#happyReading. :))

#1 Mom & me.

When I sing – “Tumhei koi aur dekhe… Toh jalta hai dil!” (When anyone else looks at you  my heart burns.)

And mom comes up with – “Toh beta paani daal de. :/” (Dear, then pour some water.) 

No doubt where those sarcastic genes come from! O:)

#pureSavage! XD

She is life ❤

Badrinath ki Dulhania.

Bollywood lovers would totally agree that Badrinath (Varun Dhawan) proved irresistible in his latest release. But today my post is not about the movie. XD But about the love for that place. ‘Badrinath’.

My friend is on a visit to this exquisite destination when she sent me some really tempting captures of the skies and scenic beauty from her stay. 

Sunset at Badrinath! ^_^

One of the ‘four Dhams’ in India (pilgrim) Badrinath is situated between two mountain ranges – ‘Nar’ and ‘Narayan’, in the backdrop of the Neelkanth Mountain. It is the attraction of Uttrakhand. The place experiences a cold weather almost throughout the year.

The one straight from heavens! ❤

Best time to visit the hills here is May-June when summers drench the North of India with heat and sweat. Journey by roads in your own comfortable cars make the most beautiful memories. 

Mesmerizing waters!

Right from the snow cladded mountains to hot springs and scenic beauty, the place has woods and greens arranged in angelic ways. There are so many legends and stories associated with the temples that you’ll never go bored of Badrinath.

Morning in the woods!

If you are a lover of nature and peace then this place will hit the right chords of your soul. What are you waiting for then? The mountains are calling! Pack your bags and get started for the best trip and be the ultimate dulhania at Badrinath! *_*

Behind the lens is my best photographer – Aarancha Tyagi! :*

​For more information go to the Uttrakhand tourism’s website and fill your curious mind with all the details. :))

It was lit!

The weather was cold, but your hold so strong.

As you pulled me in your sweet warm arms.

The crowd around did smother for a while,

As the sparks beamed in your dearmy eyes.

How I wished the time stopped and knew no end, 

But such moments turned out to be one night stands. 

I knew it would happen now and again,

You’ll lift me up and sway my heart just the same.

Broken I will be after the lights go off,

But the ache is worth for the unmatched bond, between the bat and his batsman on the cricket ground! 😉

#iccChampionsTrophy2017 ❤

Oceans between us.

October 12, 2016

We have come so far. You were always there.
Sometimes it’s not about the person but feelings!
Living each day with you has certainly changed me in ways that I can’t explain.
I’ve grown to be a person with clear insights. You never said much, just spread your magic silently. I found you, I found contentment. The twinkle in your eyes and the beam on your face has always escalated my confidence. You always taught me how not to care about people and how to love myself. It’s only you in the end always, you said. You’re an indestructible woman and I truly admire you for that. Be it any situation, your hand was always my aid. Having you was the only assurance I ever needed. The significance of what is happening was clearer to you than to me. You could easily comprehend what was untold. Such was the connection that we shared. We witnessed many storms together but there was always a beautiful smile plastered on your face. My strength.
But sometimes with time you fail to realize that this is a cycle. You and I are also a part of this cycle. As we both stand at the edge of this wonderful journey, I can see two divergent roads which will lead the two of us in different directions. I think the cycle ends here for both of us. It’s a bit painful to even imagine a life without you but with your unfading faith in me, I will survive.
It’s like everything you ever earned is slipping from your hand and you can’t do anything but let it slip away. Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. Sometimes you can only thank God for their presence in your life.
The wittiest. The strongest. The courageous. The funniest. The charmer. The realist. The best.

Because you are the only Best Friend I have.

My constant. My forever.


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  #ATyouAreForverLove! :* 


The phone call

I could feel it but it was far away from my reach,

That moon in the sky was envied but my heart was at peace.

And before hanging up, “How can you call it yours when you have nothing to believe?”

“Because miracles do happen and the future is not as distant as it seems.”