The shirt you bought today? Yes that latest favorite of yours. The one that will top your picks. It is pretty nice. No, seriously! But I wonder until when? Your heart tends to saturate with everything after a few trials.

You have always been in a constant circle of ‘lost & found’. Loosing feelings and finding it in something new has been a part of your nature. And you may call it silly on my part, but then I live with the hope of finding my constant in a world full of temporaries. You seek the warmth where I look for fire. You want to touch the moments and I wish to embrace the seasons. You live to taste the flavours and I believe in memorising the events. You desire to dream when I want to create.

In your visions of your temporaries I have my circles of permanents, which will never vanish but stay as long as I breath. It’s difficult to comprehend a world where these thoughts will vibe but until then wait is the only hope. ❤




  1. Hassan Zada · December 27, 2017

    very nice. i love it 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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