In a world full of new faces and souls busy with their own day (and at times late nights too) could one imagine himself/herself being worth a ‘thank you’?

Thank you for that unplanned smile you brought to someone’s face. Or for the finger-licking meal that was packed for you but got shared on a table for 4! Maybe for tolerating the most hated childish behavior. Or on the other hand for being the part of someone’s celebration or sorrow when the crowd disappeared.

It’s not about how long have you known or how well do you know a person. At times it is just about how understanding or caring or considerate (and any other synonym close to these) you could be, in whatever time you got to spend with someone.

No matter how much we try to be thoughtfully detached, somewhere with the passing moments we get to knit in those passing moments that weren’t supposed to count much on people’s happy-times list. And then gradually we become the accruer of the unexpected thank yous from far and wide (even from the seat next to you too! XD)