Secret Santa 🎅

Being brought up in a convent school, Christmas vibes come naturally to me. It’s been five years since I left that wonderland but the thought of reliving the 25th of every gone December still gives jitters to my spine. It seems that the heart still hangs in those Christmas trees and the Santa’s gifts.

This Christmas were you expecting a secret Santa thing? (Just like I was!) But only if the world was a wish granting factory! I could have sulked over it, this whole festive season but then I came across a thought. Why does someone need a secret Santa? I mean aren’t we capable enough of fulfilling our own wishes?

At times you don’t have to wait for people to hold your hand to take you to your dream place. Just set your destination on the map and hit the road when you feel like. Spend your​ laziest Sundays in warm blanket and watch the rom-coms on a loop. Dance to the crazy tunes in the club and don’t be ashamed to hold cups of tea in a top notch crowd. Don’t think twice if the idea of doing something turns your brain cells on.

Laugh till your stomach hurts and eat till your heart is satisfied. Pamper yourself like you wish to be and be your own secret Santa this Christmas!


MiraculousChristmas! 🎄