#Letter 5

                                        Love for writing❤️

Dear future someone,
I really don’t know how I will address you in the coming time but then that is never going to be anything close to ‘love’. Yeah you got me right, I am allergic to sugar.

Recently I have started to get less on my words. Not like that I will speak little but I have started to communicate in limited ways. It’s like I won’t explain more, won’t clarify my part. I will not describe my bad mood but the shine on my face won’t vanish for a second. I will be good to you in all ways but never give you reasons for my lows which visit me often.

People tell me that I am no longer the same person that I used to be. But the funny part is those same bunch of known faces took away the expressive me. ‘How?’, you might wonder. Well, when you tend to invest everything you have and own, in a few selected souls but then get ranked the lowest, just because maybe at some point of time you weren’t capable of doing things they wanted you to do and then to add to this they would deny to put forth their understanding brains for seeing the picture, then it exhausts every single bit of expression and words that could make them see your actual situation, which obviously was never planned.

A lot to digest? I know! I was always impromptus​ when it came to making decisions. Relations or otherwise, anything and everything was so easy to get attached to. And guess what? All I got to see were far deep voids and only breaks with every ticking of the clock. So now, I no longer waste my time on giving away my words to people. Rather, my all time favorite partner is this little typewriter of mine which I believe understands everything even before I punch it’s keys. No demands, no complains. This little thing has seen all my moods. Happy. Crazy. Sad. Terrible. Turned on. Turned off. You just name them and it has witnessed them all. I guess now I feel more liberated only when soaking those papers with the blues and blacks of the ink.

Oh! Why am I blabbering all this to you? Nice you wondered that too. Just to let you know that in case you step in then you need to make me feel the same expressions, the same words that defined me, once upon a time. Make it a fairy tale… Yeah that’s all. Plan it well or bid your adieus right here, right now.

Yours truly,
Only if you can be more than my typewriter. 😉


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