#Lettr 6

                           Fascinating as always 😍

Dilli meri jaan,

There is a thing about airplanes. They have always fascinated me. And still, I have the dream to be a pilot, just like the little girl wished to be, 17 years back.

The way those streamlined, huge metal birds cut through the skies in fury, and challenge the infinite skies leaves my eyes glittering. I never get tired of watching them leave the sky from one point to another whose start or end is known to no one. There is some kind of peace in knowing that I can be the part of the never-ending horizon. The flight gives me hope of freedom that was long forbidden. It makes me lift my soul a little higher each time those red-blue lights pass over my head in the night sky.

The little girl inside me rejoices the same and feels like chasing those birds every time one meets the eyes. Maybe because there is nothing as dear as liberty and freedom. Maybe because there is still the same hunger to soar in the infinities.


#toTheThingsOnMyWishList      #mnemonicOfDreams



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