#Lettr 7

                                   #Archi…thanksLove. :*


      *When you try to escape the present*

This evening when I tried to look into your eyes, those little pool of excitement, I felt they were lacking their usual depth. You tried to deny something. It seemed like you were trying to escape. But escape what? It appeared as if you wanted to speak. Not just speak but pour out everything that was within a your mind. But somehow it did not happen. Doesn’t vibe good you know. I hate it when you say that’s how you get over the dependencies.

Will denying the fact that you want something desperately get your mind over the longingness? Is it that simple? Or will it make you want it more? Because when you’ll try to pretend that you don’t care you’ll somehow get more close to the thought of having it the next moment. It’s the attachments you are trying to escape and not some fern that caught your side during the unplanned walk.

Try to accept the temporaries of life my friend and escape the denials of missing the good part. Since no matter what, the good times with amazing people are hard to forget and harder to escape! :))



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