Oceans between us.

October 12, 2016

We have come so far. You were always there.
Sometimes it’s not about the person but feelings!
Living each day with you has certainly changed me in ways that I can’t explain.
I’ve grown to be a person with clear insights. You never said much, just spread your magic silently. I found you, I found contentment. The twinkle in your eyes and the beam on your face has always escalated my confidence. You always taught me how not to care about people and how to love myself. It’s only you in the end always, you said. You’re an indestructible woman and I truly admire you for that. Be it any situation, your hand was always my aid. Having you was the only assurance I ever needed. The significance of what is happening was clearer to you than to me. You could easily comprehend what was untold. Such was the connection that we shared. We witnessed many storms together but there was always a beautiful smile plastered on your face. My strength.
But sometimes with time you fail to realize that this is a cycle. You and I are also a part of this cycle. As we both stand at the edge of this wonderful journey, I can see two divergent roads which will lead the two of us in different directions. I think the cycle ends here for both of us. It’s a bit painful to even imagine a life without you but with your unfading faith in me, I will survive.
It’s like everything you ever earned is slipping from your hand and you can’t do anything but let it slip away. Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. Sometimes you can only thank God for their presence in your life.
The wittiest. The strongest. The courageous. The funniest. The charmer. The realist. The best.

Because you are the only Best Friend I have.

My constant. My forever.


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Living in a trance.

Yesterday India celebrated it’s 68th Republic Day. Republic means ‘the supreme power in the hands of people’. With that India becomes a country where every citizen is granted freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of right action, freedom of choice, etc. But why don’t I feel this word when it is spoken aloud in gatherings or even in my silent mind? Even after 68 years of hoarding it’s open mindedness among the changing and developing countries, India has failed to clear the filter of gender discrimination.

There still exist certain scetions in society where a girl might be considered blessed if she is allowed to live. Education for a girl child at times is at far end. And if with change of luck education touches the air, she is still denied the choice of being independent.

Why are we still asked to watch our talk? Why is our attire always an exclamation mark for the society? Why do we have to bend infront of the special bounds imposed to us only? Why don’t we get the equality that is still a dream?

Celebrating the Republic Day with bilnd eyes is no clebration. Living in a trance and expecting the nation to grow is a day dream! 

You need to brush it off to see the ‘unseen’.

I know you have been feeling tormented and baffled by what every end is leading to. Feeling like the time is not ready to pass. Living in that street with those memories, replaying all of them over and over again just to find your lost peace.

That’s what eating you inside out, every day and every passing minute. But that’s not how it was supposed to be right? Searching for comfort in somethig that has lost its existence long time back will only lead to losing your own self.

Don’t cage yourself in the past. Let the old times not be the reason for a  regretful future, that still is capable of being the best you had ever wished for.Follow you dreams with a clear vision, because you need to brush it off to see the ‘unseen‘.​


There will be clouds in the view blocking your spark,

Making you asphyxiate in the dark.

But don’t let those false curtains bewitch your spirit,

Because I know you can mend those broken pieces and shine like a star ❤
#pic_credits – Mirza Anam Beg. :*

#Float – But don’t fear the rock bottom.

Who doesn’t love to float in the world of dreams and fantasies. Every passing day we try to direvt our energies towards the things that might give us the world we want, the peace we demand and the comforts we expect.

But then it’s reality that drowns us in the pool of the our actual existence. Where what we desire cannot be served right away. Where we have to strive hard to create what we dream of every passing day.

Floating might give you the soft touch but only drowning and hitting the bottom hard will lead you to your dreams. So don’t forget to pull out the best within you while paving the path which is yet to be traveled.

Lets paint the town red.

Line 1 : Mubaraq ho! (Congrats!)

Line 2 : Selection ho gaya na? (You got selected! Right?)

Line 1 : Haan bhai… (Yes bro…)

Line 2 : Mujhe toh pta hi tha! (I always knew you would make it!)

After a little blabbering on the phone the excitement of getting placed turned into doldrums of satisfaction and the lines disconnected.

Funny how it seems that someone else’s acheivement could bring you to the extreme verge of bliss and happiness. I felt like dancing in heavens.

I don’t know about the bollywood cheesy line ‘chout wahan lagi hai… Dard yahan hua hai!’ (Feeling the pain of someone else’s wound) but the joy of rejoicing in your own people’s success is beyond words.

Lately I have realized that it is not always about ourselves. Sometimes you feel blessed to have worked hard over excelling others. Sometimes its about the unsaid but deeply felt ‘thankyou’ in other’s voice. 

Knowingly or unknowingly we become a part of so many smiles and tears that we start to see ourselves as the part of the globe trot which once was meant to be circuited alone. Lucky are the ones who find the true mate to share their sorrows and celebrate the good days. And trust me, I am not letting you go. Ever! 

I am always going to believe in you, motivate you, encourage you and drill you untill you get what you truly are meant for. Because sometimes my happiness lies within your dreams. <3​

#celebrations_at_your_door! 😀