Don’t let the child inside you grow too soon…

Today when I saw a baby in a sweet shop arguing with his mommy that he wanted “itne saare gulab jamuns” (many pieces of the sweet) I gave a broad smile to his highly embarrassed mother. Well his efforts to get the whole box did not stop at the little attention he had already got from almost every person in the shop. He sat on the floor and began shedding huge tears. The show ended when his mommy finally picked the baby up and tip toed out of the room full of stares. This baby left me a little jealous.

Jealous! Yes, you read that right. I don’t even remember at what age did I do a thing so carefree and had not been bothered about what the people around would think of me or my kiddish behavior. Stepping into adulthood is not a choice. Right from the time you start being responsible for someone’s necessities, someone’s smile and someone’s well-being you start losing your cheerfulness. Voluntarily or involuntarily you begin to step into the seriousness of life which subsides the feeling of being young. And in such a situation you get people conscious. Struck the right chords? I guess it did!

But why should one keep the little kid inside his heart just to fit in the boring society. Do your happy moves when you feel rejoiced. Pamper yourself just like your mommy used to do. Don’t feel shy to eat the extra plate when the food satisfies your taste buds. Feel free to ask the pretty face you saw the other day. Run for your dreams and do anything when it makes you feel good.

Dance the rhythm of your heart because the child inside it isn’t supposed to act dead in this judgemental world! :))

#DoLikeTheWorldIsn’tWatching! ;))