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Dear 21st Century,

In a world tied with notifications and pings, the butterflies in the stomach still cringe more on hearing “You have a post!” ❤

Your experienced

Grandma. :))


Oceans between us.

October 12, 2016

We have come so far. You were always there.
Sometimes it’s not about the person but feelings!
Living each day with you has certainly changed me in ways that I can’t explain.
I’ve grown to be a person with clear insights. You never said much, just spread your magic silently. I found you, I found contentment. The twinkle in your eyes and the beam on your face has always escalated my confidence. You always taught me how not to care about people and how to love myself. It’s only you in the end always, you said. You’re an indestructible woman and I truly admire you for that. Be it any situation, your hand was always my aid. Having you was the only assurance I ever needed. The significance of what is happening was clearer to you than to me. You could easily comprehend what was untold. Such was the connection that we shared. We witnessed many storms together but there was always a beautiful smile plastered on your face. My strength.
But sometimes with time you fail to realize that this is a cycle. You and I are also a part of this cycle. As we both stand at the edge of this wonderful journey, I can see two divergent roads which will lead the two of us in different directions. I think the cycle ends here for both of us. It’s a bit painful to even imagine a life without you but with your unfading faith in me, I will survive.
It’s like everything you ever earned is slipping from your hand and you can’t do anything but let it slip away. Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. Sometimes you can only thank God for their presence in your life.
The wittiest. The strongest. The courageous. The funniest. The charmer. The realist. The best.

Because you are the only Best Friend I have.

My constant. My forever.


#OrignallyPostedOnLettrs! ❤

  #ATyouAreForverLove! :* 


Way past the blurred lines.

As I look at the years that have passed at sometimes casual and more often at a brutal pace the picture seems unclear. I hardly remember what life has been lately. And I know I am not alone in this. People usually see blur lines when they don’t have happy endings or closure to the situations. But lucky are the ones who have permanent people with them. The ones who make solid marks among those hazy shades.

Today when I was asked ‘How have you been?’ and was told ‘I miss you!’ it brought back that old smile. That old togetherness. That joy, which I guess I too was missing. Mutual feelings?

I don’t know what to say. I am not the one who opens up. Times have changed drastically! In an unexpected way. But then I have learnt to get things together. And now I have decided to pay very little heed to all these things. I know I cannot escape them totally but I have decided to smile all through the hell. Time and again you all have been my support. The reasons for my smile. And I mean that. Right from the bottom of my heart. 😊
It’s on rarest of the rarest occasions that I say all this and today is one of them since you plucked those strings. You people are my life. No matter how far we stay I am not letting you people go. Thank you for being the unconditional care takers, you all have been like pillars whether I had asked for it or not.
My constants! My forevers. ❤


P.S – Don’t start soaring the limitless sky!   Love you all loads.

Unwavering Goodbyes

Waiting Wide Desktop Background

People meet you for a reason, for a season or for life time!

It’s always those unexpected meetings or conversations that can be overwhelming, both good and bad. I know right? I mean just after a casual exchange of the random thoughts it clicks that they all connect. And as the list grows you are smiling wide throughout, enjoying the weirdest said and unsaid.

Since the beginning of the ride, the endings were well known. For neither the bad things stay forever nor the best moments last a life time. And then those smiles have to vanish. The connections lost! The happy time passes and goodbyes knock at the doors? How I wish I never had to answer that. How I wish the road had never ended. But then I don’t stay in heaven right? :p


Lately I have realized that attachments don’t need ages to develop, it’s about the moment which brings your heart immense joy. The moments that turn you loquacious and expressive. The moments that are ‘forevers’ in your scribbles of a lifetime.

P.S – This is no post-breakup cry! (LOL!!) Just a random thought that if we could put a hold on the good times it would be a bliss. 😀 To live a little more, to laugh a little harder. Who knows it was the last best thing we were hearing! ❤


#To_the_two_days_which_were_no_less_than_a_blast? ^_^

A note to life.


Dear Zindagi,

No I am not writing you the film’s review. But a review on what our story has been since the past 21 1/2 years. It is a long one so read it with patience (just like I have been with you).
The time has been nothing but full of odds. And I had hated you for all that every single day. Why did you have to be so unfair? Mom used to say it’s just a test to deserve a better tomorrow but I never see it coming. You always brought things which were out of syllabus and I am sure you have more of it, so no better tomorrow for me? Happier one? A little may be!

I used to complain a lot about you being so heartless and biased at times. But lately it has changed. I have started to accept you the way you are. I mean, one of us has to be understanding and you, my mate, are not ready to take the step so let me be the initiator of simple acquaintance. So what has changed between me and you in the past few years is my perception towards what you do to me. Good or bad we are together in this. It would be wrong to blame you alone in a team’s play! Right? I am not giving up on making you good.

Keep throwing stones and see how I make bridges out of them. One day you’ll have to play the good part too my friend, and I hope it comes soon.

Yours forever.



Dear Never-met friend,

It feels strange to adress you like this, because it never feels like we haven’t ever met. ‘Technology brings the world closer.’ and the saying proved so appt in our case. It has always been about those un-nmbered messages, our going bananas over crazy music,  and pouring out the ebbs and flows of the times we went through, in different zones.

The hesitation to disclose the smallest things changed to non-stop blabbering. Mere formalites changed to humiliating insults. And the strangers became the best of the buddies in a short span of time.

Was it our liking for being foodies or the love for the dancing beats? Or may be the talent at being the weirdest, lazy people! I really don’t know how it made sense. But I guess I connect with you just like I do with the people whom I have met in flesh and bone. And at times it is better!

You have always kept my back. Believed in me like no one else. Gave ears to my complaints when the world seemed shut. Stayed with me inspite of the distance. I owe you heavens mate. Thanks a ton! From the bottom of my heart.

It was my theory that if the hearts connect, distance or meetings hardly matter. And it still holds the same strong ground. But lately I have felt the need to meet you. May be someday! When wishes come true?

So, today I wish upon those best things we talked about. Your sorrows and my grief, your desires and my dreams. That one day I would see you right infront of me. May be over a cup of coffee or tea! ❤

With loads of love,

Yours truly. :*

2# Lettr

Dear Soon-to-be-a-Stranger,

Counting the days? I am though. It feels terrible to accept the fact that within a handful of months we would be drifted apart. No monday mornings together in those dusty but always loved lecture theatres. No more dialing-up your number just to confirm that we are on the same page of the syllabus. No more of the heated discussions about the latest series we used to follow. No more fights over the calls and that full fledge torture of not talking for days in one go. Well it might be a relief? Or a major missing!

I still remember how we met as strangers during the freshmen year and slowly became the best of the buddies. The four years of togetherness was both bitter and sweet. But now as we are done with the side A of the cassete I really wish that the other side is as melodious as the previous one. 

We will not be in constant touch may be. Everyday messages might change into formal greetings. The best of the buddies might get back to being strangers once again. And those dependabilities might vanish.

But before that day comes I just want you to know that distance in places can never make you distant from my heart. The memories are etched forever. I have always wished the best of everything for you and this will stay the same. May you meet people who never make your feet turn back and similes and success always await you.

With love. Always. :*