The theory of investment

Money is all that counts. The zeros behind the first digit of your salary. The price of the dress on Zara that caught your eye. The cost of best guitar in the local store? Even the food that you pick for dinner. Every single penny is highly thought over before investing. But then, doess only money alone need the investment theory?


What about the countless nights you spend over a particular thought? And the efforts you wasted in keeping things sorted? Think about the time you spent over convincing people of your loyalty. The seconds you showered upon bringing smiles to the faces which don’t even turn up when you call. The faith you invested in the unpredictables who proved you wrong when you least expected!

Something just burnt there! Well yeah. I believe investment of time into people is something what needs classes. Money and things fall into place if you pick the right mates with changing ticks on your clock. I mean I know it feels good to cry in a big bungalow but then crying on a rooftop of your home with your best people is more relieving and helpful I believe (or rather what I have learnt lately).

In a world full of fickle feelings and unrealistic dream always go for the latter because people make your spirits drift apart but your dreams might bring you closer to the ones who would stand by your side without T&Cs! :)))

Let’s live! ❤