Finally got to be where the soul feels loved.

Where the skies glow bright, where the shores don’t bluff.

The eyes had cried, cried from dawn to dusk.

Now rains find the same and instil them with trust.

The mind knows that this will walk away, and all will be in dust.

Illusions you call them? But sometimes they are enough!



It was lit!


The weather was cold, but your hold so strong.

As you pulled me in your sweet warm arms.

The crowd around did smother for a while,

As the sparks beamed in your dearmy eyes.

How I wished the time stopped and knew no end, 

But such moments turned out to be one night stands. 

I knew it would happen now and again,

You’ll lift me up and sway my heart just the same.

Broken I will be after the lights go off,

But the ache is worth for the unmatched bond, between the bat and his batsman on the cricket ground! πŸ˜‰

#iccChampionsTrophy2017 ❀

The phone call

I could feel it but it was far away from my reach,

That moon in the sky was envied but my heart was at peace.

And before hanging up, “How can you call it yours when you have nothing to believe?”

“Because miracles do happen and the future is not as distant as it seems.”


Spread the joy. ^_^

craft these words to speak my mind.

To tell the stories buried deep inside.

To part with sorrows that were never kind.

To find the missing peace hidden in demise.

To dance out the feelings in words with time.

To drug the hearts that read them, with love and life! ❀

Autumn shrouds.

It was a spring with clear skies; Hues all around.

The sun was warm; Happiness bound.

It was mystic, it was magic; The heart would pound.

The glow was automatic; No reasons announced.

But season changed; The unpleasant skies down.

Leaves changed color; Yellow came unannounced.

The eyes lingered; Solace unfound.

But now I am settled for the best; Hopes on the ground.



​​What are you capable of?

Can only be known when you are put to worst!

Just follow that instinct and brim with hope and trust.

The glory awaits the little fighter knocking down the fuss.

Who is lion at heart, ready to risk it all to dust!



There will be clouds in the view blocking your spark,

Making you asphyxiate in the dark.

But don’t let those false curtains bewitch your spirit,

Because I know you can mend those broken pieces and shine like a star ❀
#pic_credits – Mirza Anam Beg. :*


Crossing the street the mind wanted to stay,

To find those eyes looking their usual way.

The heart leapt exrta inches with hopes at the bay,

But the street stays empty, like abandoned for much longer days! 

​                      #postAday πŸ™‚

A memory… A wish!

Cradling in his arms relishing the sweet smile,

The innocent eyes gleaming at the world with surprise.

The little hands holding the fingers as if to console,

But the tears were of happiness unknown to his little girl.

Her mind was tender but felt what was love,

Wished these hands would never desert her.

Holding her hands he walked her little steps,

Wounds on her f​eet tears in his eyes instead.

She found her real hero always standing by her side,

But days pass and people change with time.

Hours of happiness slipped like sand,

The arms of care turned to chains of regrets.

Doors closed and gripped her flight,

Her dreams started to prick his eyes.

The reason of her life changed to sorrow in a blow,

Solitude started to suit her soul.

Craving for the love that once she had,

Knowing that the hero would never return back.

Hoping for the harsh words to change some day,

She moved back into her old shack, living down the memory lane!