Deny the attachments

Summers are ending with every setting sun. The fall has started to take over the roads already. With every passing moment my coffee has started to get cool sooner than expected. And the car rides? Have to start early to reach my destinations on time.
Who knew that one could get used to seasons too! Waking up early and staying up late night will soon change to late mornings and early to bed. The eyes which got used to dews on fresh green leaves will be welcomed by crushed brown dry ones. Early morning walks will be replaced by lazy warm escapes into the blankets.
And so will the people change, just like the seasons. And what is more disturbing is that, getting used to hearts that are fickle is a major setback. Tired mornings and disturbed nights? That’s not all. Well coffee becomes less soothing you know. Even the car rides are not the same. Mess right?

But everything that comes, all must go. Seasons change and people grow.
Live your life without attachments for it isn’t a duo. It’s the journey that matters so take it slow.



The shirt you bought today? Yes that latest favorite of yours. The one that will top your picks. It is pretty nice. No, seriously! But I wonder until when? Your heart tends to saturate with everything after a few trials.

You have always been in a constant circle of ‘lost & found’. Loosing feelings and finding it in something new has been a part of your nature. And you may call it silly on my part, but then I live with the hope of finding my constant in a world full of temporaries. You seek the warmth where I look for fire. You want to touch the moments and I wish to embrace the seasons. You live to taste the flavours and I believe in memorising the events. You desire to dream when I want to create.

In your visions of your temporaries I have my circles of permanents, which will never vanish but stay as long as I breath. It’s difficult to comprehend a world where these thoughts will vibe but until then wait is the only hope. ❤

Forever written on leaf

You dream of stars that I cannot promise. You ask me for skies that I cannot promise. You demand the seas that I cannot promise. You question about the loyalty that I cannot promise. You want my time that I cannot promise. You look for the never ending good and best days that I cannot promise.

But what I assure you is that I will look in the infinity for the lost starts with you till my eyes give up. I will fly with you to reach the highest skies till my breath runs out. I will swim oceans and cross seas with you till my hands give up. I will stick my ground till I win you not once but a thousand times over. I will hold your hand till your fingers deny my touch. I will stand right beside you till the worst days conquer my strength.

Because I promise you of the ‘Forever’ that is written on every leaf you’ll come across.

#1 Mom & me.

When I sing – “Tumhei koi aur dekhe… Toh jalta hai dil!” (When anyone else looks at you  my heart burns.)

And mom comes up with – “Toh beta paani daal de. :/” (Dear, then pour some water.) 

No doubt where those sarcastic genes come from! O:)

#pureSavage! XD

She is life ❤