“I don’t even remember.”

But how could you not? It’s 3 A.M and the question dosen’t leave my mind. Why does it bother me so much when you can always walk so normal like nothing ever happened? Why do the neurons in my head spiral all day, all night wondering if the promises of eternity were nothing but ungranted wishes?

You say I never spoke but I feel that you never had ears for me. Have you ever tried to know how did I know your every next thought even before it occurred to you? Your eyes were enough. Every time! You would cry, you would laugh, you would crack the lamest jokes and at times talked bitter too and I made notes like  they were a part of the syllabus. And all you have is “I don’t even remember.”

Maybe it was so foolish of me to expect so much from someone who could not commit to his own life. <\3 But I will still turn the pages now and again just to know that you stay within them for as long as I read. Because sometimes there is peace in the circles of the heartbreaks that are ensured. 

*Thoughts, as the main character of the book signs off from the story. Closing the book!*


#happyReading. :))